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Help with my float

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We're happy to have you a part of the platoon. Need some help with your tank? Check out some common questions.


My float will not stay inflated, help!

We are sorry to hear that you are having an issue with your float! Our first suggestion is inflating one more time and ensuring that all the valves are fully closed as those can be tricky sometimes. When people reach out with "slow leak" issues, it i

My float has a hole, what should I do?

Pool Punisher floats are made with extra thick material to ensure the best floating experience. If your Pool Punisher float is punctured, identify the puncture site. We recommend patching the leak with the patch included in the Pool Punisher box. Whe

How do I inflate the float?

We’ve put together all the information you need to experience your best days with Pool Punisher:  https://www.poolpunisher.com/pages/instructions. Please read all the information to help you get floating, stay floating, and keep safe for your entire

How do I deflate the Pool Punisher float?

If you have a:. Dual action valve: Simply pull the entire valve out of the float body and air will escape the float. Standard large valve: Pull out the top plug and pitch the base of the valve while applying light pressure to the float to cause the a