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Curious about the tank? Learn about weight limits and dimensions here!


What is the recommended age for Pool Punisher floats?

We recommend Ages 5+ & up. Pool Punisher floats are not a life saving device. Do not leave children unattended while in use.

What is the weight capacity for Pool Punisher floats?

The Pool Punisher can hold up to 300lbs. or 136kg.

Are there special maintenance requirements?

Your float with last for several amazing experiences with proper maintenance. After each use, please remove from the water and rinse with fresh water. Ensure float is completely dry. Deflate until flat, fold and store for your next float experience.S

Does the Pool Punisher come with a water cannon?

Yes! Your Pool Punisher will come with one (1) water cannon. If you find that one isn't enough, you can purchase more here: https://www.poolpunisher.com/products/punisher-cannon

What are the dimensions and weight of the Pool Punisher?

The Pool Punisher is 61 inches x 44 inches x 24 inches. It's about 0.25mm thick and is made out of heavy-duty vinyl. The product weight is roughly 6.0lbs.

How does the Pool Punisher work?

The Pool Punisher is strategically designed with a comfy cockpit with two leg holes for your feet. When you're sitting in the cockpit, you simply pump your legs and the float will move throughout the water. Your water cannon is powered through a manu